Small Spray Dryer, Vegetable Extracts Spray Dryer Manufacturer


  • As ISO & CE certified small scale spray dryer manufacturers china, support vegetable extracts spray dryer customize.

    Why small scale spray dryer is more and more popular in food and pharmaceutical industry?


  • 1.Lab spray dryer could be widely applied in all solution such as emulsion and  suspending liquid,etc.

    2. Especially suitable for drying thermal sensitivity material such as biological products, biological pesticide, enzymes, etc. because of the spraying materials only touch high temperature when it's sprayed into mist and heat instantaneous, therefore, the active material still maintain its active ingredient unchanged after drying.

    3. Your benefits from TOPTION brand small spray dryer:

    1) SS316L stainless steel spray nozzle,high efficient.

    2) PLC Control system: Color & large touch screen operation, totally automatic control and manual control are combined, panel in both Chinese and English, the parameters LCD display.

    3) Real-time regulation of PID thermostatic control technology, accurate temperature control, heating temperature control precision ±1℃.

    4) Spray, drying and collecting device adopts transparent & excellent quality high borosilicate glass with high temp. resistant performance to produce, whole spray drying process is visual.

    5) Two fluid spray atomization structure, high precision SS316L stainless steel materials, powder particles diameter normally distributed, liquidity is good.

    6) Jet device, automatic dredging (needle) and frequency can be adjusted, when the nozzle blockage, automatically remove in order to ensure the continuity of the experiment.

    7) Material charging rate can be adjusted through feed peristaltic pump.

    8) Special protection function, that is, if the draught fan is not started, the heater can't start.

    9) Built-in high-quality oilless air compressor , noise is less than 50 db.

    10) Products after drying has uniform granularity, more than 95% dry powder is at the same granularity.

    11) Optional air inlet filter to ensure the purity of sample.

  • TOPTION support spray dryer customize based on your actual production needs, welcome contact TOPTION engineer  24h/7days service.


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