Freeze Dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production, ect. Goods are easier for long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing, and could restore goods' original state, mantain its chemical & biological characteristics after being watered.

Pilot vacuum freeze dryer

Vertical vacuum freeze dryer could be used as laboratory freeze dryers,industrial lyophilizer,pilot vacuum freeze dryer and small scale production vacuum freeze dryer. Unique customization of vertical lyophilizer is available.

Freeze dryer for fruits & vegetables

Food and fruit vacuum freeze drying equipment, make food and fruit be easier for long term preservation after freeze-drying processing, they can be restored to the original state and maintain its chemical and biological characteristics after being watered.

Pharmaceutical freeze dryer

Advantages of in-situ vacuum freeze dryer are pre-freezing and drying in-situ so shorten freeze drying time,automatic freeze drying process,high precision shelf temperature control,uniform drying result,PID or PLD control and touch screen operating.

Laboratory vacuum freeze dryer

Benchtop vacuum freeze dryer is also known as lab freeze dryers,laboratory freeze dryers and freeze dryer for home. As its compact structure design, low noise,corrosion resistance,quick drying,easy operation and digital display,be widely used in drugs,biological products,chemical and food industry,heat-sensitive substance freeze drying.


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