How To Clean Vacuum Filter Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Manufacturer


  • Vacuum filtration apparatus  is developed base on TOPTION present glass reactor for meeting the real needs of the majority of biopharmaceutical development companies. Vacuum filter system  of TOPTION is mainly used for liquid-liquid extraction, liquid-solid extractor, also for reaction experiments under environment temperature. 

  • How to clean vacuum filter chemistry?

    1. You must clean your vacuum cleaner filter regularly, its necessary to read the device manual for cleaning instructions before you clean your vacuum filter, please never wash the filter if the manual specifically mentions that the filter is not washable. Differnt vacuum filtration apparatus has different cleaning method.

    2.When you remove the dust from a vacuum filter, please tap the filter gently on the side of the garbage,this method can make the most of the dust falls in garbage. 

    3.Use a soft brush and run it over the filter, on both sides. So as to remove most of the particles which are lodged onto the filter.

    4.Rinse the vacuum filter if allowed, but please pay attention its electric parts. If you need to use this cleaning method, please consult with us 24h/7days service.

    5.Every vacuum filter has its own specific lifespan, so after using long time, also need to be replaced regularly, this could refers to vacuum filter manufacturer recommendations.

    TOPTION vacuum filter chemistry is popular in CAS experts and professors, drug discovery users since its cost-effective price and brilliant performance. ISO & CE certification quality guarantee, if you need vacuum filter apparatus customize welcome contact 24h/7days service.



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