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  • Milk powder spray dryer  is also named as short time dryer milk powder spray drying machine, its dryer time is about 1.0s-1.5s. Milk liquid through the high-speed centrifugal automizer which is at the top of spray drying chamber, rotating centrifugal spray into tiny fog droplet, then contact with the hot air, milk powder (drying finish product) produced in a very short time and whereabouts.

  • Spray drying milk powder output continuously between the drying tower bottom and cyclone separator, exhaust through dust catcher emptying by induced draft fan.

    The advantages of spray dryer for milk powder production:

    1. Spray dryer wide capacity range: 1.5L - 2000L spray dryer customization.

    2. Spray dryer can produce spherical powder with good liquidity.

    3. Spray dryer can produce granules products with uniform particle size distribution.

    4. Spray dryer can reduce the wall sticking amount of atomization flight line.

    5. The average particle size of powder can be adjusted. 

  • 6. With low cap way, improve the recovery rate of granulation products.
    7. Equipped with high temperature and high efficiency filter, to prevent products cross contamination.
    8. Equipped with bag filter, which can improve the recovery of fine powder, exhaust gas cleaning, prevent pollution.
    9. Hot air temperature automatic control, the difference range of set valve is small.
    10. Spray dryer has realized the miniaturization, takes up less space and easy operation.
    11. Particle size distribution and apparent density can be adjusted by the various spray tray.

  • Centrifuge spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer, which is widely applied in electron, ceramic, magnetic materials, battery material, food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry,etc. Spray dryer customize based on your actual production process welcome contact 24h/7days service.


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