Dynamic Temperature Control System
  • TOPTION is a dependable global supplier of systems and equipment for thermal separation, research, development and quality control. As a long-standing partner, TOPTION reliably supplies exact temperatures for all processes in the various distillation systems. TOPTION heating circulators, refrigerated circulators, high and low temperature integrated machine. This is used for the following applications: molecular distillation, thin film evaporators, pilot distillation systems, hemp extraction.

  • Chiller

    DC Series, Max -120℃~100℃, 6L-30L volume

    DL Series, Max -80℃~ RT, 5L-50L volume

    FL Series, 5℃~35℃ 5℃~50℃

    LN Series, -60℃~-10℃

    LT Series, -50℃~30℃ -65℃~-20℃ -80℃~-20℃ -105℃~-60℃ -120℃~-70℃

    LX Series, -25℃~30℃


    GX Series, -65℃~-10℃ -80℃~-10℃ -100℃~-30℃

    TG Series, RT-300℃,5L-50L volume

    UC Series, 50℃~200℃ 50℃~300℃

    UT Series, RT-200℃

    Heater & Chiller

    HR Series, -25℃~200℃

    SUNDI Series, -45℃~180℃ -10℃~200℃ -25℃~200℃

    -25℃~300℃ -45℃~250℃ -50℃~250℃ -60℃~200℃

    -60℃~250℃ -70℃~250℃ -80℃~250℃ -90℃~250℃


  • TOPTION has stood for professional temperature control for more than 16 years. We have customers working with our high-quality temperature control solutions in almost all areas of research and industry, benefiting from the exceptional TOPTION quality. For every customer-specific requirement, suitable complete solutions or additions fraom the comprehensive accessory program are available. Below are some cases from our customers for your reference.

  • TOPTION offers an outstanding quality standard and guarantees high customer satisfaction. The convincing performance data of the highly dynamic temperature control systems means extremely short heat-up and cool-down times, and scores with a very wide working temperature range without changing the heat medium. The development of customer-specific solutions makes it possible to use TOPTION temperature control instruments in any industry for almost all applications.

    1. Imported compressor, Taikang Copeland Duling.

    2. Imported solenoid valve, Emerson Danvers.

    3. Imported electrical controls, Schneider Siemens.

    4. External pressure gauge for easy monitoring of compressors and circulating pumps.

    5. The compressor has built-in overheat protection, phase sequence protection is connected to the electric cabinet circuit, and high voltage protection is connected to the copper tube of the compressor. 3 layers of protection compressor.

    6. The gas and oil components are fully configured, the plate is replaced without carbon deposition, and the compressor does not have hydraulic shock.

    7. The test machine is connected with heating tubes in series, and the cooling capacity is calibrated.

    8. The heat transfer oil circulation is closed, the circulation flow is guaranteed, and the heat transfer oil has a long service life.

    9. The pressure control valve is optional, and the glass jacket is dependable.

    10. The internal pipeline is cleverly designed, and the casing is thin and high to save space.

    11. Optional temperature control for materials, multi-terminal program touch screen.


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