How To Use Quartz Photochemical Reactor ?


  • TOPT-II quartz photochemical reactor is a new generation photocatalysis reaction device which is developed by TOPTION factory who have got technical supports from many professors of SJTU and NTU, and also reference the foreign imported photochemical reactor. 

    Quartz photochemical reactor apparatus is mainly applied to research gas / liquid / solid phases, fixed / simulated visible light, simulated UV light, special simulation light, whether could reaction vessel load TiO2,Photochemical reaction under conditions of photocatalyst and so on.


  • How To Use Quartz Photochemical Reactor ?

    1. Clean and make sure each parts keep clean & tidy, put the protection camera obscura on  trolley, then put in protection camera obscura, use special clamp to fix 5 ports reaction vessel, equip glass parts. 

    2.Put the mercury lamp light controller in the trolley which is used to place material, put the single-ended lead simulation tube in full quartz extension tube light source protection cold trap, light tube extension wire through camera obscura’s left side hole, insert in the corresponding controller light source power connector. Connent power wire at the back of camera obscura to AC220V power adapter.

  • 3.Turn on fan switch which is in camera obscura, lamp tube insert in related power controller, connect to this power working power source, insert total power source of controller. Turn on controller switch, then lamp tube begin to become light, and start normal working after about 5 minutes.

    4.After finish whole reaction, please turn off the switch of lamp source controller one by one, after 5 minutes, turn off fan switch in camera obscura, finally power off whole power source, so as to ensure the power safety even long time no use.

  • ISO & CE certification high quality guarantee, TOPTION specialist could recommend the most suitable combination configuration based on your actual needs, also could provide professional customization according your actual request, contact  24h/7days service. 



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