Chemical Sample Pre-treatment Technology Analysis From TOPTION Specialist


  • During whole chemical research process, chemical samples pre-treatment has very important position, its improvement will promote chemical research development, so all kinds of chemical samples pre-treatment new technology and new methods already become one main development direction of chemistry analysis. Quickly, simple and automatic sample pre-treatment technology could save your time and labour, and also could reduce research error as different people operating and transmit samples, reduce environment pollution as avoid using vast organic solvent. So the improvement of sample pre-treatment technology will push chemistry analysis developing forward.

  • Chemical sample collection, smaple pre-treatment, assay determination and data processing & report result are the four steps of a complete sample analysis procedure. In these four steps, sample pre-treatment time is the longest, about occupy 2/3 time of whole analysis procedure. Ordinary, we analysis one chemical sample just need minutes, but pre-treat one sample we need hours. So this is the most important step we need to be careful, the sample pre-treatment process is advanced or not, is directly related to the pros and cons of analysis method.

    According to sample phase, sample pre-treatment technology contains solid / liquid / gas sample pre-treatment. For solid phase sample pre-treatment, the technology has soxhlet extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, supercritical fluid extraction and accelerated solvent extraction, etc. For liquid sample pre-treatment, the technology has liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction, membrance extraction, purge-and-trap extraction and liquid phase micro extraction, etc. For gas sample pre-treatment, the technology has solid adsorbent method, full amount air method, etc.

  • As star lab solution provider, TOPTION received large improvement in sample pre-treatment technology, through our strong specialist team keep innovation base on customers actual needs, more convenient and practical lab instruments are developed and supplied.

    1. Sample preparation, TOPTION develop and produce ingenious and high efficiency breaking equipments, such as high speed pulverizer and ultrasonic crusher, etc. These kinds of crushers make sample preparation more efficient and improve test sample's quality.

  • 2. Sample decomposition and extraction, already has complete all kinds of thermal decomposition, acid decomposition, alkali decomposition, melt salt decomposition, zymolysis decomposition, include dry method and wet process methods, etc. For this, TOPTION supply automatic control high temperature furnace, self-controlled oscillator, ultrasonic extractor, etc.

  • 3. Sample separation and enrichment, TOPTION provide the below methods and related instruments:

    1) Precipitation method: inorganic precipitation, organic precipitation and coprecipitation system, etc.

    2) Distillation volatilization method: sweeping set of distillation distillation technology application scope extended greatly, cold atomic absorption mercury measurement instrument is sweeping set distillation technology application of a typical example.

    3) Solution extraction separation method: in inorganic analysis sequestration extration system, ionic associate extration system and acidity phosphorus extraction system, be widely used in trace element extraction and separation. Organic solvent liquid-liquid extraction is an efficient puridication method in organic analysis.

    4) Ion exchange method: new ion exchanger make this method be more widely used.

    5) Adsorption method: in inorganic area, could use xanthic ester cotton adsorbent. At organic area, silicon, activated carbon, porous polymer are widely used.

    6) Chromatography method: thin layer chromatography, extraction chromatography, column chromatography, centrifugal chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography, capillart tube chromatography is been widely used. The development of chromatography represents the main development direction of separation enrichment technology.

    More professional sample pre-treatment technology, such as supercritical fluid extraction, solid phase micro extraction, gel automatic purification device, solid phase extraction, liquid phase micro extraction, puffing and trapping, membrane separation technique, thermal desorption, microwave digestion, welcome contact with TOPTION specialist , customize your lab solution.


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