Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump Manufacturer China


  • Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump is a laboratory necessary equipment for medicine & health, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy industry, universities, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering laboratory, etc.

    This type low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump is particularly suitable for chemistry / biology / physics laboratory which need to working under a maintain low temperature or normal temperature conditions.

  • Main features of TOPTION low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump:

    1.Liquid groove liner, crown sheet, electric heater, evaporator, etc, all parts which have possible contact with working medium, use stainless steel material.

    2.Controller with single window LED display, which could display temperature set value actual value and over temp alarm value.

    3.Closed type circulating: circulating system adopt fully enclosed processing, without oil mist and water absorption situations, guarantee your experiment be safe and ensure the service life of heat conduction liquid.

    4.Protective device: has self-diagnostic function, refrigerator overload protection, high pressure switch, overload relay, 

    heat protector,etc, multi types safe protective functions; cooling system has delayed, over-temperature, over current etc many protective device.

    5.Save space: structure design is compact, has benchtop type and vertical type.

    6.Equip with high pressure silent pump, which could do long distance circulating cooling working stably, the second constant temperature field which is at outside constant temperature device experiment vessel. 

    7.Circulating system use stainless steel material, with corrosion resistance and prevent low temperature pollution.

    8.Micro-computer control: equip micro computer for high precise control and with multi safe performance; all operation could be finished by the touch screen button which are on the micro intelligent control panel, simple and easy operation.

    9.With micro software lock function, which could lock system each parameters set value, besides operator, others couldn’t change the parameters set value.

    10. PID control: Tried to eliminate the external factors which will influence the temperature regulation accuracy, reduce errors.

    TOPTION low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump technical parameters:

    Product name

    Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump



    Stock solution capacity


    Temperature control performance:

    Temp. Display method

    Temp. range of operation

    Temp. regulation precision

    Temp. fluctuation precision

    Temp. Sensor types


    Digital display

    -20℃ to RT




    Technical parameters:

    Cooling medium

    Cooling capacity

    Circulating pump material

    Circulating pumping capacity






    Working condition:

    Environment temperature

    Environment humidity

    Rated power

    Working voltage

    Working current





    220V 50Hz


  • Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump customizep customize  welcome contact: info@toptionlab.com  ISO & CE certification high quality guarantee.


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