• TOPTION is professional lab solution provider , and all devoted to provide the best solutions & lab equipment for global customers, who are work in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, environment analysis, food, academic research, etc. Regardless of the field you work in, we keep striving for the same goal: to provide you with the most suitable solutions & equipment, to make your research more accurate & efficient. 

  • TOPTION headquarters is located in Xi'an, China, where own hundreds of universities and research institutes, and famous as its thousands of years long history culture. Profound culture and strong scientific research strength, provide sustained and vigorous power for TOPTION development, so that make us could provide better products, solutions and service for you continuously.

    The following are the processing area, welding area, grinding and polishing area, raw material area, processing, workshop map of our factory workshop for your reference. If your network is slow to open pictures, please wait patiently. In order to help you understand our factory more intuitively, these are all pictures taken by the camera. I believe it is worth your wait.

  • Main products contains molecular distillation equipment , hemp extraction equipment, rising film evaporator, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, stainless steel reactor for decarboxylation and crystallization, vacuum filter, drying oven, heating and cooling circulating bath, etc. TOPTION brand instrument has own high reputation in more than 70 countries and regions, provide technical support for tens of thousands organizations to solve problems within their research, special for university, research institutes, industries, inspection agencies, etc.

    Our Core Values

    From the partnerships we build, to the people we hire, to the extraction | distillation | evaporation equipment we produce, everything we do is underscored by three core values.


    Quality isn't simply a business unit. It's a value that we use to identify with people (we hire the highest quality employees), equipment (we only create only products that is quality & reliable) and decisions (we seek to make the most informed decisions). Quality is the fabric that ties together everything we do.


    Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and their wants and needs are what inspire and drive us to do better every day. From equipment manufacturing to marketing to every other aspect of TOPTION, we exist because of our customers and we are in service to them.


    Honor each other; honor our customers; honor our word. We're committed to honesty and fairness in all of our activities and relationships. We promise to act in the best interest of our partners, our employees, our industry, and the consumers that rely on our equipment.

    Driven by quality and integrity, TOPTION is intent on being the world most competitive cbd extraction | distillation turnkey solution provider in the ever changing global hemp market. Below are the three production lines of T-free oil we designed and produced for American customers, Colombian customers and Swiss customers respectively. Service include from laboratory layout, production line design, equipment design and production, installation, commissioning, on-site installation, commissioning, operator training, etc.


  • We believe, only the most excellent quality, most leading technology, most complete solution and most professional service, could make TOPTION mission and vision come true. So we will keep in continual innovation and hard work, to provide you with the best solutions & products, and make you research more accurate and efficient. The picture below is the feedback from global customers for your reference。

  • The picture below shows our customers from all over the world visiting, you are welcome to come to our factory, located in Xi'an, China, which is also home to one of the eight wonders of the world - the Terracotta Warriors.

    The picture on the right is the picture of our participation in the exhibition, including San Jose, Las Vegas, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Russia, etc. We participate in the exhibition of Marijuana and laboratory equipment every year.

  • TOPTION equipment meets all safety standards. Our main market include Unites States, Canada, European, Thailand, our extraction | distillation | evaporation equipment has pre-certified for your city, saving you time on installation and deployment. We will get you up & running, fast!.

    Online training or on-site service are provided with every installation.

    We strives to continuously evolve and provide the best equipment and service to our global clients who are work in hemp, cbd, chemistry, pharmaceutical, research institute, universities, food industry. Contact by info@toptionlab.com to get fast communication.


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