Vacuum Pump Maintenance And Repair Manual From Pumping Machine Manufacturer


  • TOPTION brand SHB-95 vacuum pump is a new kind of multi-use vacuum pumping machine ,it is designed on the basis of the principle of generating negative pressure by using the jet flow and using the recycled water as the working fluid.

    ISO & CE certified vacuum pump excellent quality  guarantee, by using vacuum pump, you could achieve the vacuum conditions for chemical experiments, and recirculated cooling water for the reaction equipment, rotary evaporator, etc.Under vacuum condition, material boiling point will decrease, finally make your research more accurate and efficient.

  • Vacuum pump is a most common laboratory equipment, how to achieve good maintenance of it, will help save many cost in laboratory research:

  • No.

    Common faults

    Positions to be searched



    Insufficient vacuum degree and inaccurate indication of  vacuumeter

    1. Low motor speed or 

    low voltage

    Check whether the voltage is stable

    2.Vacuum  bottle  or  

    chec valu is

    clogged or corroded 

    by dirty materials

    Clear  th internal  dirty  materials  or 

    replace with new bottland valve core

    3.Water inlet or filter pipe 

    network is blocked

    Clean and take the internal dirt out

    4. Vane wheel falls off

    Replace the vane wheel

    5. Th phenomenon  of  

    inflow  or  air leakage 

    happento vacuum meter

    Throw the water inside the meter and readjust the meter pointer to the state 

    of Zero, or replace a new meter

    6. Vacuum   pipeline   is   

    blocked or cracked

    Clea th pipeline  or  replace   new 



    Motor does not work

    1. The fuse is burned out

    Replace a new fuse

    2.Running capacitor is 

    broken down

    Replace a new capacitor with the same 

    voltage as that of original capacitor

    3. Motor winding is burned out

    Replace a new motor

    4. Seriously stuck for bearing wear

    Replace a new bearing

    5. Stuck for the blocking of 

    vane wheel

    Clear the junk and correct the position

    of vane wheel

    6. Thread end is of rosin joint 

    or thread card is loosened

    Weld firmly and Clamp the card tightly


    Hot motor and

    excessive noise

    1. Bearing wear

    Replace a new bearing

    2.  Wearin and  deformation  

    of  vane wheel

    Replace a new vane wheel

    3. Unstable or low voltage

    Check whether the line is overloaded or 

    of low voltage


    Water spraying inside water tank

    1.Wron water  drainage  

    direction of filter pipe

    Adjust the direction of water drainage

    2. Too low water level

    Add  water  t th level  of overflow 



    Water leakage

    1. Loosening of water release 

    nozzle or aging of seal ring

    Screw   the   water   nozzle   tightly  

    or replace a new seal ring

    2. Water tank cracks

    Replace a new water tank

    Professional pumping machine maintenance tips from TOPTION lab solution provider, more vacuum pump customize welcome communicate with our engineer: (24h/7days service).  


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