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  • Ultrasonic cavitation reactor, laboratory thermostatic closeness ultrasonic reactor wide application:

    1.Ultrasonic reactor temperature closed for sound chemical reaction, enzymatic reaction, nano-materials preparation, animal and plant cells, viruses, cell fragmentation.

    2.Thermostatic closeness ultrasonic reactor is also suitable for emulsification, smoothing, emulsion breaking, dehydration, separation, extraction, digestion and reduction, anti-foaming, oil desulfurization, refractory organic waste water treatment, oil sludge cleaning off the oil, the remaining biological sludge dewatering, algae, algal, and sterilization, cleaning and so on. 

    3. For chemical engineering, materials engineering, environmental engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology and other fields, ultrasonic cavitation reaction vessel also win high reputation.

  • Why more and more researchers relies on thermostatic closeness ultrasonic reactor?

    1.The whole closed structure, can access a variety of gases involved in reactions.

    2.Immersion ultrasonic horn, good effect.

    3.Ultrasonic power continuously adjustable, maximum power 50 ~ 1000W adjustable.

    4.Ultrasonic pulses individually switch, pulse excitation time is adjustable, pulse count of the number of automatic control.

    5.Ultrasonic transducer and liquid contact parts can be used titanium, corrosion-resistant.

    6.Double jacket glass reactor, 50 ~ 500mL reactor to choose.

    7.Jacketed reactor volume, can pass into the cold water or oil bath, and achieve precise temperature control.

    8.Display and temperature control with temperature sensing devices can be directly immersed in the reaction system.

    9.Reactor can be connected to a reflux condenser, dropping funnel feeding, import gas bubble, vacuum exhaust and other chemical synthesis device accessories, chemical synthesis reactor suite of trace organic synthesis kit optional.

    10.Ultrasonic horn and reactors dedicated seal adapters, supporting various parts of the casing sealed into the reactor, the reaction is completely closed.

    11.Super magnetic stirring, to fully mix the sample.

  • Model

    TOPT-1000D  t hermostatic closeness ultrasonic reactor

    Operating frequency

    22 ± 1KHz

    Ultrasonic power

    50 ~ 1000W



    Single capacity

    50 ~ 600ml

    Temperature range

    -5 ~ 100 ℃

    Magnetic stirring

    0 ~ 2400 r / min

    Reaction bottle neck

    50 #, 24 #, 24 #

    Reaction bottle Type

    Standard grinding mouth

    Customize ultrasonic reactor:  24h/7days service.


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