800L Jacketed Glass Reactor Design, Where Customize Glass Chemical Reactor?


  • 800L Jacketed Glass Reactor Design, Where Customize Glass Chemical Reactor?

    Whole jacketed glass reaction system basic configuration contains: Stainless steel reaction vessel (mix liquor), Double layer glass reactor, High & low temp. Integration circulator, Enclosed refrigeration circulator, Water circulating pump, Diaphragm metering pump, Stainless steel shelf, fastener.

  • Let's see the key configuration of glass chemical reactor customize:

    1. Reactor  structure: nominal capacity 800L, normal pressure. Material: 316L stainless steel, with large angle observation lens in the reactor, 12V automatic delay control lighting, with stirring port, inlet and outlet, exhaust port, feeding port (observe port) and botton material discharging port,etc, standard port. Fine polishing processing inside and outside, all weld is strong and neat. Loading coefficient: 70%-80%.

    2. Motor : Reaction kettle dedicated wide range, low noise, high temperature resistant, long life, constant torque speed regulating motor. The shaft end seal (Germany technology), to ensure that the motor can run in the harsh environment. Special electronic smooth and steady device which can make the motor runs smoothly even under low speed, overcome the problems of high & low speed cannot simultaneously. Motor power: 1.1 KW (configuration based on customer's specific materials), rotate speed: 50-800rpm smooth continuous adjustable.

    3. Stir : Top type mechanical mixing system, stirring shaft use special heat treatment of stainless steel, precision machining, has the ideal dynamic balance performance, good rigidity, the long-term use without deformation. Anchor impeller stir paddle (close to the bottom), special designed could stir the precipitation material at the reactor bottom, can achieve uniform mixing effect.


    Customize whole set chemical glass reaction system , find TOPTION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD, with more than 10 years laboratory distillation technology development, professional engineers team, ISO & CE quality certification system, with TOPTION, your money and business both safe, more welcome contact info@toptionlab.com  24h/7days service.



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