How To Use Thermostatic Shaker Safety? TOPTION Lab Shaker Supplier


  • How To Use Thermostatic Shaker Safety? TOPTION Lab Shaker Supplier

    Thermostatic shaker is widely applied to the fields which have high requirements of temperature and oscillation frequency, such as biological, chemical reaction, bacteria culture, fermentation, enzyme, cell and tissue research, etc.

    For microbial cells and various strains of exercise training, can also be used for static cultivation, in biology, molecular, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection has extensive and important application research.

  • How to use thermostatic shaker safety? Not only for operator safety, but also for research safety:

    1. Instrument must have reliable ground connection.

    2. Before using should ensure local power source and voltage meet requestment. (220V ± 5%).

    3. Instrument should use independent power socket.

    4. Insert the plug well.

    5. Please do not use wet hand to plug the power cord.

    6. Please Don't pull out the plug by pulling power supply cord.

    7. Please do not damage the power cord or use of the power supply cord which is not appointed.

    8. Please don't connect the power soft wire in the middle, or use power extension cord.

    9. Please do not insert fingers, bar or other foreign body in the air supply outlet or inlet.

    10. If any abnormal state (burning smell, etc.) shall be immediately pull out power plug so as to make instrument stop running, or use circuit breakers to disconnect the power supply.

    11. Please don't repair by self, improper repairment will cause fire or get an electric shock.

    More information of thermostatic shaker, welcome contact  to customize.


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