How Much 500w Xenon Lamp Price? Xenon Light Source Manufacturer


  • TOPTION Xenon parallel light source is a multi-function and eurytopic instrument, widely used in solar cell research and own high reputation from more than 300 laboratories. 

  • Technical parameters of TOPTION 500w Spherical Xenon Light Source:

    Main Specification

    TOP-X500 xenon lamp

    Light output power average density

    1Sun=1000W/m2 Solar constant

    Could adjust continuouslyCEL-NP2000 measure

    5~15 Sun

    Light total power output Radiant Output (Watts)


    Luminescence spectrum range Output(nm)


    Working facula diameter W (adjust continuously)


    Light output type

    Roundness facula

    Input power


    Working voltage


    Lamp window


    Bulb lifetime


    Parallel light emitting angle

    Average 5 °

  • You can use TOPTION 500w xenon lamp source to do below things:

    1. It could be used as photoelectric response type test device, surface photovoltaic spectroscopy, biological light, photocatalysis, surface defect analysis, UV exposure, UV solidify, liquid crystal material research, UV photopoly-merization and UV fluorescence excitation research, etc. 

    2. TOP-X500 could be use alone, also could be used together with different test system. This light source adopt modular construction so that you could choose configuration more flexible. 

  • This system is developed by TOPTION, which has stabilized current supply and equipped with different configuration could help you get different purpose, such as point light source illuminate, parallel light source illuminate, optical fiber output illuminate, and many more irradiation types.

  • Xenon lamp source customize welcome contact  24h/7days service.



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