Extraction System
  • Methods of essential oil production

  • * Extraction

    Mid-to-high-end perfumes, fragrances, and product added value are also relatively high.

    - Supercritical CO2 Extraction

    - Alcohol extraction | water extraction unit (water or alcohol reagent, high temperature environment)

    -Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction (alcohols, low temperature environment)

    -Closed-Loop Hydrocarbon Extractor

    * Steam Distillation

    Production of essential oils for use in aromatherapy groups.

    *Fat method | Soxhlet Extraction

  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction

    Botanical ingredients sensitive to high temperatures can be extracted smoothly and selectively. There are no solvent residues in the extract or the raw material. Fragrances and aromas remain unchanged. Pure extracts are achieved with fewer process steps.

      Efficiency = Profitability

      Minimal extraction time, higher output, low maintenance & low energy consumption, increasing profits

      Purity & Safety

      SFE CO2 process has almost no residual solvent, the low temp. maintains the ideal organic state

      Versatility Increases Your Options

      Everything from natural flavorings & essential oils to biomass & hemp, decaffeination of coffee beans, hop oil extraction for brewing beer, etc.

  • The food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are the main users of ingredients extracted with supercritical CO2, but new applications and new processes are developed and realized continuously like thin film extraction, particle formation, impregnation, cleaning of metallic party, dyeing and cleaning of textiles, removal of undesired substances, chemical reactions and crystallization.

      1. Food industry

      By gentle production of extracts for the food industry aromas are reflected lifelike. CO2 extracts contain no residues from solvents and are easy to process. CO2 replaces organic solvents which can be harmful.

      -Decaffeination of coffee & tea

      -Extraction of hops, herbs & spices

      -Recovery of flavours, antioxidants

      -Extraction of special oils

      -Deoiling of press cakes

      -Cleaning rice

      2. Pharmaceutical industry

      CO2 extracts are biological high active as well as without any residue. This is the reason they are indispensable in development of pharmaceutical products.

      - Extraction of herbal medicines

      - Refining of pharmaceuticals

      - Extraction of medicinal compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from a medicinal natural raw material.

      3. Cosmetic industry

      Extracts from natural substances are widely used as bioactive care components in cosmetic products. Essential oils, gained by CO2 extraction technology, give special flavor to parfums.

      -Active ingredients for cosmeceutical applications


      4. Other applications

      -Cleaning of cork. Supercritical CO2 can reduce the TCA content below the measurable limit, currently at 0.2 ng / l.

      -Impregnation of wood

      -Chemical reactions

      -Particle formation



  • Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction - takes care of both – purity of product and producer’s profits

    A safe, easy-to-scale option for CBD extraction, it has become a force to be reckoned with in the processing community. cryogenic extraction typically results in a pure end product without the need for additional winterization or dewaxing steps.

  • Benefits of Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction

      1. Easily Scalable

      Cryogenic ethanol extraction is also an easily scalable solution for your growing business. Centrifuges can come in a variety of sizes, and it’s relatively easy to add additional units or swap a larger unit if your business grows and you need to scale. In addition, ethanol solvent is cheaper than butane, and it can also be stored more easily with fewer restrictions and safety precautions which can reduce your licensing complexity.

      2. Safe

      Because no high pressure system is required, cryogenic ethanol extraction has a lower explosion risk than some other forms of CBD extraction, which can also be difficult to operate. Cryogenic extraction utilizes ethanol, which is safer than butane because of its lower boiling point, and doesn’t require as many safety restrictions in its use and storage.

      3. Faster Process

      One of the biggest benefits of cryogenic ethanol extraction is that it is a much faster process, and therefore more efficient, than other extraction processes. It’s completed in just hours, as opposed to days, since it can bypass steps like winterization.

      4. Economical

      Cheaper than butane, the less rigorous safety and storage regulations cut down process expenses and licensing requirements.

  • Alcohol extraction | water extraction unit

    Suitable for extraction of water and organic solvents at RT and low temperature around 60°C in industries such as traditional Chinese medicine, biology, food, and light industry, such as decoction, warm soaking, forced circulation, extraction of aromatic oil and recovery of organic solvent.

  • Benefits of TOPTION extraction and concentration equipment

    1. High efficiency - the production processes include extraction, filtration, concentration, and essential oil condensation are completed in one step, which greatly saves raw materials and working time, and the work efficiency is increased by 10% to 15% compared with general extraction equipment.

    2. High conversion rate of raw materials - It can increase the active ingredients contained in the original liquid by more than 1 times that of ordinary extraction.

    3. High extraction and concentration efficiency - the material consumption of this equipment can save more than 30% of raw materials under the same extraction amount, and the energy consumption of the equipment can be saved by about 50%.

    TOPTION extraction and concentration unit, the extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is not limited by the polarity and molecular weight of the components, and is suitable for the extraction of most Chinese medicinal materials and various components, this equipment is a fully enclosed internal circulation structure, equipped with an oil-water separator and a condenser. It can efficiently extract aromatic oils and plant essences.

  • Closed-Loop Hydrocarbon Extractor

    Hydrocarbon extraction usually utilizes butane, propane, and isobutane as the solvent to extract cannabinoids, which preserves temperature-sensitive terpenes from the concentrate due to the solvent’s low boiling point. Moreover, with closed-loop structure, the flammable and combustible solvent gas will not release into the atmosphere, thus safe to operate.

  • Capacity per batch: 5, 10, 20, 40, and 80 lbs

    Designed pressure: 200 PSI

    Working pressure: 150 PSI

    Benefits of TOPTION closed loop hydrocarbon extractor

    1. Highly promised safety, and premium vessels' quality and excellent thickness.

    2. Pre-inspected by water-pressure testing and x-ray radiographic testing.

    3. Flexible setup with casters, easy to fix and move.

    4. Each column is equipped with sight glasses to view the extraction process.

    5. The sieve and coil ensure the solvent recovery effect and improve the solvent utilization rate.

    6. The jacketed material column is with a 50-micron sintering filter and collection vessel on the bottom, for easy collection.

    7. Vacuum jacketed on the solvent vessel with internal cooling coil, increasing the heat transfer area.

  • Steam Distillation

    Production of essential oils for use in aromatherapy groups. Economical, simple and easy to use. Suitable for the common water and water-proof distillation extraction process of conventional oils and aromatic oils in plant branches and leaves, flowers, grasses and animal materials with higher oil content.

  • Summarized as follows

    1. Supercritical extraction has excellent compounds and particle targeting abilities. If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, and perfume industry, and want purer extracted materials, including cbd oil, this is your best choice.

    2. Ethanol extractors can deal with much larger cbd processing and have higher capacity, if you are a manufacturer or plant, it's better to choose ethanol extraction.

    3. Essential oil extraction and concentration equipment, for the extraction of all plant essential oils, it is the most economical and affordable way to directly obtain essential oils.

    In fact, the most important thing is what industry you are in, what product you want to produce, and what kind of customer group you correspond to. For example, if you make a product with high added value, then choose supercritical extraction with the best extraction effect. When your produced essential oil only needs to be used in ordinary life, and the added value is low. If you choose very high-end equipment, the return on investment will be very low. You 're better to choose a equipment with low equipment investment and fast output, such as essential oil extractor.

    As a Chinese manufacturer engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of extraction equipment 16+ years, TOPTION are very familiar with the situation in the equipment industry. Welcome to contact us now . Not only can get equipment customization services, factory direct sales prices, but also professional industry consulting services.

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