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    This advanced technology is based on the principle of scraping film under a high vacuum and at high temperature.

    Under these conditions, the difference between the boiling temperatures of the various molecules making up the product will allow them to be distilled, separated, concentrated or selectively fractionated.

    These particular conditions always preserve the distilled product without altering the integrity of its molecules.

    The treated matrices are products with high molecular weight or high viscosity. They can be oils, fats or waxes of vegetable or animal origin. Or synthetic oils or specialty chemicals or waxes. In cbd industry, could guarantee >80% high purity cbd distillate.

    Combined with high-pressure catalytic equipment, it can produce HHC, delta8, etc. to increase the added value of products.


    TOPTION industrial molecular distillation service offers the advantage of processing oils, fats, waxes, and more generally, oleochemicals and speciality products without altering the base matrix.

    The main operations of molecular distillation are deodorization, decolourisation, decontamination of undesirable substances (pesticides, molecular contaminants), as well as fractionation and concentration of high added value active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

  • The chemical and food speciality industries are also beneficiaries of this solution for the treatment and revaluation of fats.

    - For separation of vitamins (example Vitamin A and E)

    - For purification of chemicals

    - For purification of oils

    1. CBD industry - achieve>80% purity oil distillate

  • 2. Food industry

    - Carotene Extraction

    - Fat Extraction

    - Amide Obtainment

    - Purification of Natural Essential Oils

    - Capsaicin Purification

    3. Fine Chemicals

    - Extracting Tocopherols from Soya Sludge

    - Production of Lactic Acid

    - Paraffin Wax Extraction

    - Monoglycerides Extraction

    - Omega‐3 Fatty Acids

    4. Pharmaceutical Industry

    Solvent swapping, separating chemical compounds, crystallization, purification from volatile impurities, and dry from water.

    5. Polymers separation & purification

    Monomers, oligomers and prepolymers of epoxy resins, acrylates, polyurethanes, PE waxes and polyglycolethers.

    6. oils & fats separation & purification

    palm oil, free fatty acids, tall oil sterols, natural wax, terpenoide, tar.

    7. Fish oil separation & purification


    A complete set of film evaporator unit includes:

      1) Short range evaporator
      2) Heating system (RT~200℃ or RT~300℃)

      3) Feed system

      4) Cooling system (-20℃~180℃ or -40℃~RT or -80℃~RT)
      5) Vacuum system
      6) Material collection unit, etc.

  • 1. Stainless steel material single stage type (UL & CE configurations are optional)

    - 316L stainless steel material's quickly heat transfer rate, guarantee extraction efficient is 1.4 times higher.

    - Jacketed pipeline for good heat preservation, benefit for viscous material.

    - 24h Continuously Running: Automatic feeding and collecting, convenient operation and save labor cost.

    -Small Experiment - Pilot Research - Industrial Type, Larger throughput, up to 500kg/hr.

  • 2. Glass material single stage type (UL & CE configurations are optional)

    - Integrated structure for space saving & easy movement.

    - Feed rate: 0.5 - 17.5 kgs/h.

    - Material: 3.3 high borosilicate glass.

    -High vacuum <1Pa.

    -Magnetic seal to ensure dependable vacuum performance, completely avoid material contamination.

    -Insulation pipeline | ball valves and feed tanks ensure reliable, stable, excellent insulation effects.

  • 3. Two-stages, Three-stages types

    - Stainless steel and glass material are optional.

    - UL | CE configurations are optional.

    - Customization wiped film evaporator first stage combined with molecular distillation equipment second stage,etc.

  • 4. Short path distillation kit (2L 5L 10L 20L)

    - Boiling flask: 2L to 20L.

    - Vacuum: around 5 Pa (optional diffusion pump to 0.1 Pa).

    - Vessel material: 3.3 high borosilicate glass.

    - Cold trap: 3.3 high borosilicate glass or SS316L stainless steel.

    - Insulation jacket: included.

    - Turnkey project: equipped.


    1. Toxicity: Avoids the problem of toxicity of solvents used as the separating agent.

    2. Thermal stability: Minimizes losses due to thermal decomposition.

    3. Continuous process: It can be used in a continuous feed process to harvest distillate without having to break the vacuum.

    4. Stability: The vacuum allows oils to be processed at minimal temperatures, reducing the risk of oxidative damage.

    5. Purity: Separating the oil’s components by weight allows contaminants to be reduced far below industry standards.

    6. Concentration: Weight grouping allows the processor to concentrate fatty acids.

    7. Short residence time: This process has a short residence time of the feed liquid.

    8. It works at a significantly lowered temperature due to high vacuum capability

    9. It has optimal efficiency in mass and heat transfer.

    10. It is suitable for processing high-value products.

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