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  • How choose gas chromatography machine?

  • The basic technical requirement of gas chromatography machine:

    1.Temperature requirement: 5℃—35℃.

    2.Moisture requirement: 25%—80%.

    3.Power requirement:220V±10%,50Hz.

    4.Power requirement: Max 2000/3000W.

    The basic functional configuration of gas chromatography machine:

    The basic functional configuration of gas chromatography machine:

    1.Equipped with independent development of AFC, EPC flow control system, the PCM control module is more accurate.

    2.Using vacuum fluorescent display screen, switching function in both English and Chinese language.

    3.Multi-function keyboard operation, which can realize the comprehensive set of complex parameters and method.

    4.Could store 10 chromatographic process.

    5.Have external power supply voltage microcomputer test system and overtemperature protection system, traffic monitoring system, comprehensive guarantee instrument intelligent operation.

    6.Has eight-channel high precision temperature control system and eight-channel external sequence of events function, independently finish the counteraccusation control of each unit.

    7.FID、FPD autoignition function.

    8.The pneumatic system can realize the constant pressure, constant current, constant speed, booster program, program flow and program litres six gas speed control mode.

    9.Most can configure three detector at the same time, can collect and analysis the detection signal at the same time.

    10.Equipped with diaphragm valve/VICI valve valve column switching system, a sample can complete the analysis of the petrochemical industry complex gas components.

    11.Unlimited valve application program event editor, can implement precise switch settings for multiple sets of switching valve.

    12.The whole circuit system have complete shielding protection function, the interference between each circuit unit decrease to a minimum.

    13.Have two load integrity province pre operation and after operation mode, instrument operation cost greatly reduced.

    14.The counteraccusation during whole process, supplemented by automatic sampler, which can realize the double towers automatic sample analysis.

    If you need a gas chromatography machine, the above are the basic technical configurations, hope could help you, more problem welcome contact  to consult.


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