Conventional Lab Instruments

Vacuum pump, chiller, oil bath, water bath and heating mantle, TOPTION provide conventional lab instruments for glass reactors, rotary evaporator, photochemical reactor, freeze dryer,etc.

Thermometer And Masks

If you need infrared thermometer, face masks, contact get fast and safe delivery within 24 hours.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump equip with glass reactor, rotary evaporator, freeze dryer, shorted the time reaching require temperature and shorten concentrated time, make your research more effective.

Heater and Chiller

TOPTION heater and chiller are equipped with chemical reactors, meet your requirements of low and high temperature reaction, make your research more effective and meet different requiremnts of reaction condition.

Magnetic Stirrer & Heating Mantle

Magnetic stirrer and heating mantle are laboratory instruments for stirring & heating, which are applied in chemistry & biology,colleges, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical, environment protection institutions,etc.


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