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  • Glass vessel chemical reactors made in China, maybe you have already purchase glass reactor from China, maybe you are on the road, whatever, know more clearly of Chemical Reactors Chinese Market & Glass Reaction Vessel Manufactures / Suppliers, will help you save time & cost, and guarantee your business & money safe just as you expected.

  • TOPTION as star lab solution provider, know clearly of the most fresh information of chemical glass reactors market in China, and could help you find some information of your chemical instrument suppliers more convenient and believable.

    Generally, chemical synthesis reactor series in China market, now contains single layer glass reactor,  jacketed glass reactor, three layer glass reactor, high pressure reactor, ultrasonic reactors, hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor and teflon lined hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor, etc. About the difference of these standard type glass reactors, you could learn whole informations from TOPTION chemical glass reactor series description.

    1. Single layer glass reactors types in Chinese Market 

  • 1) Vertical type incline stir reaction - Incomparably perfect stereo-stir performance.

    2) Adiabatic stand with intelligent heating system inbuilt, two kinds heating method: Oil bath & Heating mantle.


        - Max temperature up to 180℃, and digital display. Oil bath can equip cooling coil for reaction material chilling.

        - Equips Over-heat & Dry-heat protectors, ensure safe operation of heating bath.

    3) Heating device material: SS304 stainless steel and spray material are optional.

    4) Cooling & Liquid separation function. Distilling & receiving. Sample pickup. Underlay base optional to enable one-time discharge. And drip function.

    5) Multi-function reaction flask:

        - Overall flange connection design, eliminate taper joint seizure which may damage reaction flask.

        - Standard configuration: stirring, feeding, reflux condensing, temperature measuring, multi-purpose wide opening and non- liquid accumulation bottom discharge function.

        - Extend more function: dripping, bubbling, sample pickup, distilling, rectifying, liquid separation,etc.

    2. Double layer glass reactor , besides PLC automatic control system and temperature automatic control system, etc,there's also have another star in glass chemical reactor series - downward open jacketed glass reactor and double layer glass reactor with lifting & rotating function.

  • Compared with jacketed glass reactor, it has outermost layer to keep vacuum airtight state.More effective to protect temperature,so as to save reaction time and finally make your research more effective.

  • 3. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor in China market, ordinary contains PPL liner & PTFE liner, which could bear different high temperature, if you have more high temperature request of hydrothermal synthesis reactor, advice you choose PPL liner (280℃) & PTFE liner (220℃). 


  • 4. High pressure reactor is widely used in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Macromolecule, Metallurgy, Environmental Protection,etc, chemical process areas.  

  • For instance: high pressure reaction, hydrogenation reaction, catalytic reaction, synthetic process, pharmaceutical synthesis, high pressure polymerization, nano synthesis, conditions screening, crystallization screening, combinatorial chemistry, biomass conversion, supercritical reaction, hydrothermal reaction, polymer synthesis, electrochemical corrosion testing, infrared detection,etc.

  • These types chemical reactors are the exist reaction vessels in Chinese market, hope could help you have a total understand, more information or any questions welcome contact with TOPTION engineers 24h/7days. 


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