Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is an advanced technology that transforms carbon dioxide into a supercritical state through high temperature and high pressure to realize the rapid extraction of active ingredients in tea. Compared with the traditional method, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction does not require organic solvents, and it can retain the active ingredients in the tea, which improves the taste and nutritional value of herbal tea. This article introduces the advantages of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction in the production of herbal tea and emphasizes the importance of product innovation for the development of the industry. If you are looking for herbal tea with both health and taste, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction herbal tea will be a good choice!

TOPTION's state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth expertise can help you harness the power of this advanced extraction method to enhance your business. Please feel free to contact us at

TOPTION as ISO & CE certification lab solution provider, main products including: molecular distillation equipment, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, heating and cooling circulators, etc. Please contact for detail.

This series fermentation equipment adopts top mechanical stirring system, stirrer's revolving speed is stepless adjustable, fermentation parameters such as temp. PH, dissolved oxygen, automatic control, automatic recording, storage, printing, suitable for test in fermented products. Are suitable for all kinds of small fermentation experiments in microorganism, it has good stability, convenient operation, etc. More customize welcome contact

Constant temp. and humidity incubator are widely used for microbial culture, physical performance test objects, insects and small animals breeding, plant germination, biological products, storage, chemical storage and drug test. More lab incubator customize please contact 24h/7days service.

Laboratory magnetic stirrer hotplate is often used in chemistry and biology, ​through place the magnetic bar within the liquid to do stirring action.​ Welcome contact to customize your special magnetic stirrer with heating.

High pressure homogenizer professional design for material refining and uniform mixing, ISO & CE certified laboratory homogenizer supplier, support homogenizer customize, contact to learn more.

Different capacity chemical glass reaction kettle need to equip with different size Diaphragm Metering Pump, more welcome contact to consult.

How to use thermostatic shaker safety? TOPTION Lab shaker widely used for microbial cells and various strains of exercise training, can also be used for static cultivation, in biology, molecular, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection has extensive and important application research. More please contact to customize.

Intelligent thermostat incubator is suitable for the environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research, colleges and universities, the production department. More information of intelligent thermostat incubator​, please contact to learn more.

Commercial ice machine & ice maker basic configuration in market, bars, hotels, senior clubs, coffee shops, soda fountain, etc, all need to use ice machine, different application need to use different type ice maker, thenhow to choose most suitable ice making machine based on your actual needs?

How choose gas chromatography machine? TOPTION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD provide some basic technical configuration requirements for you, hope could help you, more gas chromatography machine welcome communicate with

TOPTION laboratory instrument meha march sourcing,support global free sea shipping for glass reaction vessel,rotary evaporator,photochemical reactor, vacuum freeze dryer, lab spray dryer,etc. ISO & CE certified excellent quality laboratory instrument manufacturer in China, welcome contact to customize laboratory instrument.

What is solid phase extraction used for? Popular sample pre-treatment technology from TOPTION laboratory, solid phase extraction is applied in environmental water quality analysis, food safety analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, bioengineering industries, etc. Lab extraction apparatus customize contact 24h/7days service.

TOPTION brand high pressure homogenizers are the homogenizing and emulsifying devices for liquid fixed material (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid). It is widely uesd in production, research and technical development of food, milk extract, drink, pharmacy, fine chemical, biotechnology and other fields.High pressure homogenizer customize welcome contact 24h/7days service.

Korea customers customize downward open type chemical jacketed lab reactor, the height of reactor lid could be adjusted, convenient for material charging, and allow you to attach different capacity flask on the same reactor head, flexible for more purpose.Double layer glass reaction vessel customize welcome contact , customize double layer glass reactor according to your actual research and production needs.

In order to make customer's research be more efficient, based on RE-5000 5L rotary evaporator standard configuration, TOPTION engineers have developed manifold type rotary concentrator, if you interested to customize, contact to communicate.

Short Path (Molecular) Distillation System​ is an idea Marijuana purification equipment, molecular distillation equipment welcome contact 24h/7days service.​

India customer customize double layer glass reactor with PLC automatic control system, which is more efficient and accurate for your research, such as doing new materials synthesis, mixing homogeneous reaction, extraction and purification, distillation and samples purification.

TOPTION laboratory instrument CE certificate of latest EU standards,these CE certified laboratory instrument contains:glass reactor,rotary evaporator,vacuum freeze dryer,photochemical reactor and spray dryer,etc.

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