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  • Nutsche Filter - Dryers

    Ensure a critical high-purity separation of solids from a liquid, Nutsche Filter-Dryers are utilized in various industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, electronics, specialty chemicals, and other purity applications in laboratories, pilot plants, and production units. TOPTION Nutsche Filter-Drying Systems specialize in pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications, providing high-efficiency solid or liquid separation and drying technology for batch processes that require the washing, isolating, and drying of solids.

    1L-200L Available, Widely Used in Pharmaceuticals, Liquid crystals, Herbal extract, Agricultural chemicals, Hormones, Vaccine

  • Working Process:

  • *1L-2L

    · The pneumatic decelerating agitator motor has an adjustable speed.

    · The stirring blades can be lifted manually.

    · To discharge solids, the chassis and filter cake must be removed together.

    · The equipment produces low noise.


    Explosion-proof variable frequency electric stirrer:

    · The stirring blade can be manually lifted.

    · To discharge solids, the chassis needs to be removed together with the material.

    · Equipped with a variable frequency motor, which allows for precise speed adjustments via a knob.

    • * 20L
    • · Electric stirrer.
    • · Stirring blades can be lifted hydraulically and electrically.
    • · Filter chassis can be lifted hydraulically and electrically.
    • · Material discharging valve is hydraulic and automatic.
    • · Equipped with a variable frequency motor, allowing for precise speed adjustments via a knob.

    • *50L
    • · Electric stirrer.
    • · Stirring blade can be manually lifted.
    • · Filter chassis needs to be removed manually.
    • · Material discharge valve is manual. To discharge material, the valve needs to be opened manually and the material needs to be scraped out using the blade.
    • · Equipped with a variable frequency motor that can adjust the frequency and speed through a speed control knob.

  • *200L

    · Electric lift.

    · Hydraulic electric lift for stirring blade.

    · Hydraulic electric lift for filter chassis.

    Hydraulic automatic discharging valve for material discharge.

    · Variable frequency motor allows for precise speed adjustment through the knob.


    · For use as electrodes in lithium-ion batteries, the cathode powders available are LiFePO4 and NMC.

    · The material used is 316L, and an explosion-proof system ensures safe operation.

    · The chassis is equipped with a hydraulic automatic locking device, making operation easy and convenient.

  • Benefits

      Benefits of Our Nutsche Filter Dryers.

      1. Versatility: Nutsche filter dryers are versatile solutions suitable for the lab to pilot to full-scale production. They can be constructed with various materials such as Hastelloy, stainless steel, glass-lined steel, or glass, to match process needs and provide the required level of corrosion resistance and process visibility.

      2. Adaptability: Nutsche filter dryers are adaptable to a variety of chemical processes, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, natural extraction, precious metals, and dyes, making them ideal for toxic or hazardous chemicals as well as products where exposure to the atmosphere is a concern.

      3. Sealing Options: Double mechanical seals, externally interchangeable, dry running contacting or non-contacting left-off type seals as well as liquid lubricated seals are available.

      4. Product Isolation: Complete product isolation promotes minimal operator exposure and reduced product handling.

      5. GMP Containment: Nutsche filter dryers meet stringent health and safety standards. Unique vessel and agitator designs meet the most stringent pharmaceutical specifications.

      6. Easy to Clean: Nutsche filter dryers are easy to clean and suitable for both dedicated and multipurpose applications. They have excellent cleanability using CIP systems, simple validation, and offer easy access for cleaning and inspection.

      7. Agitator Design: Unique agitator design maximizes the processing of thick, wet, or dry cakes. Good drying performance with special agitator design, and large heat exchange areas. Agitator and chopper designs break up agglomerates while providing mixing.

      8. Filter Plate: The universal filter plate enables the use of all types of filter media. An openable filter base provides good access to the filter internals for cleaning and inspection. Easily interchangeable filter plates, with flat, homogeneous filter surfaces for good cleanability and inspection.

      9. Side Discharge Valve: The side discharge valve eliminates cleanability issues.

      10. Heat Transfer. Heated flat plates and vessel walls enhance heat transfer for more efficient drying.

      11. High Operating Temperatures and Pressures.

      12. Control Options: Manual or PLC-based control options.

      Nutsche filter dryers are designed to produce high-quality products while keeping operators safe. TOPTION nutsche filters and filter/dryers utilize vacuum and/or pressure to perform multiple process steps in a single vessel. Their high-efficiency filter dryers are built to significantly reduce production and drying times while maintaining critical containment requirements to minimize environmental and worker exposure.

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      1. At TOPTION, we understand that every customer's project is unique and requires specialized attention to ensure that their specific needs are met. This is why we offer customization with the greatest flexibility when it comes to our nutsche filter-dryer systems. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and let us help you achieve your desired results with the greatest flexibility in customization.

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