Do you have to cook meat before Freeze Drying? Various questions about freeze dryers or freeze drying process, TOPTION help you at here, ISO CE verified vacuum freeze dryer manufacturer with 16+ years experience in China.

Freeze drying is a very well-known application in food drying, because the freeze drying method can retain the nutrients, color and taste of the food to the maximum, so it has a large market capacity, contact to ask more freeze drying equipment price list now.

If you're looking for a consistent and effective way to dry perfectly for edibles, shatters, oils, waxes and all concentrates? Contact to get fast turnkey solution customize.

Compared with conventional methods, lyophilizers are more popular and thus more widely used. For experience, please contact​

Want know more detail paramters of vacuum freeze dryer, or want to customize freeze dryer lyophilizer with special requirements, welcome contact to get free consultation, all freeze dryer sold with directly factory lowest price.

If you don't have complex freeze drying process requirements, and budget is limited, this LED type vacuum freeze dryer will be most suitable option, more welcome contact learn more.

TOPT-10C laboratory lyophilizer ​is a type of Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer​, which is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production,etc. Bench Scale Sized Freeze Dryer customize welcome contact learn more.

New developed LCD display vacuum freeze drying machine, Vacuum freeze drying machine customize welcome contact free consultation.

Vacuum freeze drying vegetables and fruit customer production show, TOPTION as ISO & CE certified vacuum freeze dryer manufacturer, provide professional lyophilizer customize, welcome contact to learn more.

From how to choose suitable food to freeze drying, and every steps to freeze drying fruit at home. Clearly show you whole freeze drying process. As ISO & CE certified vacuum freeze drying machine manufacturer with more than 10 years freeze drying technology development, support lyophilizer customize,welcome contact TOPTION enginner to learn more.

Fruit & Vegetable Vacuum Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer, 1000KG Lyophilizer Design​, vacuum freeze drying equipment customize welcome contact 24h/7days service.

LED vacuum freeze drying machine to freeze dryer food, fruit, herbal, make them are easier for long-term preservation after freezing drying processing. Welcome contact to customize vacuum freeze dryer.

Vacuum freeze dryer is more and more popular in Pharmaceutical Industry, TOPTION lyophilizer engineer who have more than 10 years vacuum freeze drying technology experience, share with us the touch screen PLC control and remote control technology of lyophilizer​. Make your production be more efficient and accurate, customize welcome contact 24h/7days service.

Drying Herbs Ground Which Freeze Drying Equipment Is Suitable? Dried herbs material choose food industry freeze drying equipment is enough,drying herbs extraction liquid, pharmaceutical lyophilizer is more suitable,ISO & CE certification high quality guarantee, support installation vedio,vacuum freeze dryer customize welcome contact

Vacuum freeze drying machine china factory visit vedio,10㎡ pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryer and 30㎡ fruit & vegetables freeze drying machine customized by TOPTION Georgia customers, ISO & CE certification and more than 10 years freeze drying technology development,promise you high quality guarantee.

LCD Display Lyophilizer how to choose most suitable configurations of vacuum freeze dryer to achieve most efficient drying result? Vacuum freeze dryer new development LCD display,more new configurations customize to improve your freeze drying efficient.ISO & CE certified lyophilizer manufacturer,vacuum freeze drying machine supplier,freeze dryer customize from China: 24h/7days service.

Vacuum freeze dryer for herbal extract is a kind of sublimation drying technology, which could make products (herbal extract) be more easier for long-term preservation, they can be restored to the original state and maintain its chemical & biological characteristics after being watered.​

Why freeze dried food is more and more popular now? What the features or advantages of freeze dried food? Why so many food industry or pharmaceutical industry choose freeze drying process? Let's learn more about freeze dried food together.

Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer With CIP & SIP System also named as vacuum freeze dryer with CIP & SIP system, whichis professional designed by TOPTION specialist team for pharmaceutical industry large scale production.

Freeze dried products occur stratified, surface crack, color difference these bad phenomenon, in large scale production, you will have great economic losses risk. TOPTION specialist team who have more than 10 years technical experience, help you aviod every possible risk.

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