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  •   In the chemical production process, material stirring is a common reaction process, and reactors, as the equipment to complete the process, are classified in various ways.

  •   Reactor kettle is divided into double-layer glass reactor, stainless steel reactor , high-pressure reactor, and so on. Glass reactor plays the function of heating, stirring, and filtering, and is widely used in chemical, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical, and food fields.

  • stainless steel reactor
  • stainless steel reactor

  •   The stainless steel reactor  can continuously realize the functions of filtration, washing, and drying. The continuous operation of production in a vacuum environment is helpful for the production of toxic substances and sterile substances, which are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food, and other industries.

      The workflow of the stainless steel reactors  is divided into feeding, stirring, washing, filtering, drying, and discharging. When feeding, the stirring paddle adjusts its position according to the feeding situation at the right time and stirs evenly at a low speed. After the filtration is completed, the washing liquid enters the kettle through the nozzle. After the washing liquid reaches the quantitative quantity, the stirring paddle starts to stir at a uniform speed and repeats the filtration and washing operations until the product target is reached.

      Open the drying after passing into the hot medium, the process controls the temperature and keeps the vacuum state. Before discharging, the product can be tested and discharged after passing. After the discharge is finished, the kettle body and chassis are sprayed and cleaned in all directions.

      The Toption team has experience in producing, processing, and manufacturing reactor equipment, and our products are sold in many countries around the world and used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, new energy, and other industries. We provide you with laboratory solutions and customized services to guarantee. Welcome to consult to contact us for more information.

  • stainless steel reactor


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