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  • xenon lamp source

  •   Xenon lamp sources  inert gas xenon, and the spectral energy distribution of xenon lamp radiation is similar to that of the solar spectrum. It is an electro-optical source of light that emits light by using the high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure discharge of xenon gas, belonging to the field of photochemistry. It is mainly used in solar cell testing, photocatalysis, photochemical synthesis, and other fields. It can also be used as a light source for lighting, flashlights, automotive headlights, searchlights, etc.

      The advantage of using a xenon lamp source is that the light and electrical parameters of the xenon lamp are highly consistent, and its working state is less affected by external conditions. Once ignited, a xenon lamp can almost instantaneously achieve stable light output; and after it is turned off, it can be re-ignited instantly.

  • xenon lamp source

  •   Xenon lamp sources  can be divided into long-arc xenon lamps and short-arc xenon lamps according to their structure and can be divided into internal light sources and external light sources according to their different irradiation methods. Long arc xenon lamps generally use tubular xenon lamp tubes, which are placed inside the reactor and use diffuse irradiation from all sides. Short arc xenon lamps generally use spherical xenon lamp bulbs, and the light beam is emitted through the light outlet, and the electrical power and light power can be adjusted. However, this type of light source is usually more expensive.

  • xenon lamp source
  • xenon lamp source
  • xenon lamp source
  • xenon lamp source
  • xenon lamp source

  •   The application field of xenon lamp sources is very wide, including various photocatalysis experiments, such as photochemical hydrogen production by water splitting and photodegradation of pollutants; accelerated experiments of simulated sunlight and visible light; and various accelerated experiments of simulated sunlight in the ultraviolet band, etc. Toption has strong production and export capabilities for xenon lamp source equipment and has delivered multiple batches of products. We have a professional R&D, production, and after-sales team.For more information, please contact us at info@toptionlab.com .

  • xenon lamp source


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