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Happy Lantern Festival


  • Today is the 15th day of the Chinese traditional festival - the Lantern Festival.In the first month of the lunar January, the ancients said that night as "night", so called the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.The fifteenth day of the full moon is the first month of the year, is also The first complete after the beginning, the earth rejuvenation of the night, people to celebrate, and to celebrate the New Year.

    According to Chinese folk traditions, bright moon hung on the night, people point lights all light, to show celebration.Go out and enjoy the moon put lanterns, guess riddles,  the essential activities they have yuanxiao.To take this opportunity to TOPTION all staff to wish you joy at this holy season yuanxiao is happy!Family reunion!Brimming with happiness!More and more young and beautiful!

  • The Lantern Festival is also called "Chinese valentine's day".Of the old society,young girls are not allowed to go out of free activity, but can come out to play together, the Lantern Festival parade is just a chance for unmarried men and women get to know each other, men and women through to admire the lanterns also can to looking for an object, by the way.Lanterns, at the beginning of the pairs of lovers meet the holidays, some holding a rose to an appointment, give each other a poem he promise.


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