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Global purchasing carnival - TOPTION lab solution provider


  • During Mar-4th ~ Apr-3th, TOPTION as pressional lab solution provider, share autal benefits for every lab instrument purchasing manager, no matter you work in which country, TOPTION provide free shipping, no matter you purchase which lab instruments, free gift provided by us, these gift could be your instruments accessories or other related instruments, which value about 3%~7% of your whole purchasing order cost.

  • As all known, TOPTION is ISO & CE certified lab instrument manufacture and professional lab solution provider, our mission is make your research more accurate and efficient. Actural benefits shared with you, lets see how to attend our carnival:

  • 1. Chemical reactor series:

    Contains glass reaction vessel, glass reactor vessel, glass reaction tube, glass reactor laboratory, jacketed glass reactor, three layer glass reactor, glass chemical reactor, PLC control glass reactor system, glass vessel chemical reactors, 50 l glass reactor, glass pilot reactor, hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor, 50ml teflon lined hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor (25ml, 50ml,100ml, 200ml), high pressure autoclave, high level synthesis, high pressure reactor.

    2. Rotary eveporator series:

    Contains laboratory evaporation, pilot rotary evporator, industrial rotary evaporator. In order to meet customers request, we will through blog to show you some basic knowledge such as: how does a rotary evaporator work? How many parts of rotary evaporator? Which type temperature controller is suitable? ...

    3. Photochemical reactor series:

    With more than 10 years technology experience, TOPTION provide professional photochemical reactor design, contains photochemical UV lamp, lamp controller, quartz photochemical reactor, etc.

    4. Vacuum freeze dryer series:

    You can use vacuum freeze dryer receive the below functions: freeze dried food, freeze dried fruit, freeze dried strawberries freeze dried dog food, freeze dried vegetables, freeze dried at home, freeze dry flowers, freeze dry taxidermy, vacuum freeze dried durian monthong, vacuum freeze dried jackfruit, freeze dried medicine, etc.

    5. Spray dryer series:

    TOPTION provide spray dryer operation vedio, to show you detail spray dryer design, spray dryer operation, two fluid nozzle spray dryer or centrifugal spray nozzle, etc.

    6. Ultrasonic series

    please contact TOPTION specialist directly or know information from TOPTION CHINA.

    In the coming days, we will introduce these series detail one by one, welcome pay attention to TOPTION.


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