CBD isolate crystallization reactor new design


  • Want to produce the 99% high purity cbd crystal? Today, let us explain in detail TOPTION latest newest design stainless steel cbd isolate crystallization reactor . If you want to find crystallization kettles, there are many types on the market, such as glass reactor, nutsche filter dryer, etc. You are welcome to compare and analyze TOPTION crystal reactor, but please save our mailbox first to ensure that you can find us at any time when you want to consult, info@toptionlab.com 


  • 1. Stainless steel material, high thermal conductivity, speed up work efficiency, with the outer 70mm insulation layer design, minimize heat loss, play a very good insulation effect.

    2. The configuration of the motor CE UL certification is optional, the inverter ABB is optional, the contact material 316L is optional. High-end configuration, high-quality material selection, advanced functional design.

    3. The reactor body is separated from filtration, greatly reducing crystal waste.

    4. After filtering, take the material directly out of the funnel, which is convenient to take the material out and easy to rinse. The rinsing mentioned here is not cleaning the filter plate. The rinsing refers to the step close to the step of filtering to improve the CBD crystals. After the filtered crystals are rinsed with a pure solvent, the purity of the CBD crystals will be effectively improved. Of course, the filter plate is detachable, which really facilitates the cleaning of the filter plate.

    5. Magnetic coupling seal, safe and environmentally friendly.

    6. The water ring pump is matched with the low temperature, the pipes are connected, and all the relevant equipment at the front and back ends are provided, allowing you to reach 99% in one stop.

  • How about getting here? As a manufacturer with 15 years of development history, quality is our culture. TOPTION have passed ISO CE RoHS certification and passed the certification of many third-party certification companies including SGS, TUV, BV, and third-party certification companies entrusted by customers are also welcome, come for TOPTION factory inspection, for more details, color pages, video, live broadcast, please contact us info@toptionlab.com .


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