• TOPTION is star lab solution provider, strong specialist and engineer team keep thinking outside the box, strive testing the

    water continuously, to provide unique customization and most suitable solutions for global customers, who are working in

    chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical, environment analysis, food, academic research, etc.

    More than 10 years technology development, we focus on detail quality, keep in continual innovation and hard work, to

    provide you unique customization, just one mission: make your research more accurate and efficient.

    You can know every detail of whole customization process clearly: communicate with professional engineer who provide

    service only for you, ensure drawings together and guarantee its functions meet all your needs, trace whole production

    process clearly, welcome visit TOPTION company, installation video provide, wholehearted after-sale service,etc.

  • Reactor with tail gas treatment system
    Reactor with PlC automatic control system
  • Reactor with sample condenser
    Reactor with horizontal condenser
    Pilot glass reactor
  • Reactor with rectification column system
    Reactor with pipe bundle condenser
    Falling film evaporator
  • Reactor with IR heater (400℃)
    Reactor with PLC automatic system
    Reactor with PLC automatic system
  • Become the world's most competitive lab solution provider is our vision, we believe, only the most quality, most leading

    technology, most complete solution and most professional service, could make this vision come true. So we will keep

    in continual innovation and test the water, to provide you with the best solutions & products, finally make your research

    more accurate and efficient.

    The below is PLC control system lab solution which we provide for our customer form Brazil in NOV 2015, who work in

    chemical lab research,PLC automatic control system glass reactor could be used in new material synthesis, nanometer

    materials synthesis,chemical, biology, pharmaceutical and food industry, etc.

  • exchange, details are traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Light food, Grease chemical, Synthetic resin,

    Synthetic fiber, Petrochemical, Biological pesticide, Waste water, etc.

    The advantages of scraped film type film evaporator contains:

    1. Vacuum pressure drop is small, vacuum degree could arrived 5mmHg, make your research more efficient.

    2. Operating temperature is low, reduce material thermal decomposition.

    3. Heating time is short, the material will not stay at the evaporator surface as high speed film flow,so this scraped film

    evaporator is suitable for heat sensitive material evaporation.

    4. Evaporation intensity is strong, improve the film evaporator overall coefficient of heat transfer.

    5. Operating flexibility is big.

  • We are a young, professional and creative team,
    We are customer-centric and responsible team.
    Our mission: make your research more accurate and efficient.
    Our vision: Become the world’s most competitive lab solution provider.
    Our value: Sharing & win-win, customer success, be thankful, keep growing, innovation and responsible.


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