TOPTION Invites You to Gather at CPHI & PMEC China 2024


  • "The 22nd CPHI China and the 17th PMEC China will be held on June 19-21, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong). 210,000 square meters of exhibition scale will attract more than 90,000 professional buyers from home and abroad. With over 210,000 square meters of exhibition scale, nearly 3,500 famous exhibitors from home and abroad will bring new products, innovative equipment, and cutting-edge technology to the show, attracting more than 90,000 professional buyers from home and abroad. During the same period, more than 100 conferences will be held, focusing on hot topics in the industry, including many fields upstream and downstream of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • TOPTION specialist in "Synthesis Reaction & Distillation & Dryer" series equipment 18+ years, which is very popular in various large pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies. Our equipment meets GMP, ISO, CNEX, ATEX, PED, and other standards. We can assist you with IQ OQ documentation.


    In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, as you know, a chemical process is one of the most complex things, the biggest advantage of our company is that we have a strong R&D and design team, which can help customers design and customize equipment according to various chemical processes.


    Regarding the safe transportation and insurance of goods, we have a professional international logistics team, which is very clear about the customs clearance conditions of various countries. For various certificates of origin such as CO, FORM E, FDA, FORM F, etc., we have a professional team to help you handle them. Logistics form: express, air, can go by sea bulk cargo, LCL, general cabinet, high cabinet, frame box, and other modes of transportation.


    Regarding equipment maintenance and service, our sales team and technical team remain online 24 hours to provide you with strong pre-sales and after-sales support. You can also call conferences, video conferences, and on-site installation and commissioning services.

    I believe that by choosing TOPTION, we will make your market value higher and higher.


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