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Spray dryer machine fast delivery


  • Spray dryer machine fast delivery within 3 days, the following picture is the delivery pictures of TOPTION laboratory small spray dryer, matching two-fluid nozzle, powder size of nozzle can be customized, one equipment can match multiple types of nozzles, the whole spray drying equipment adopts PLC automatic control system, which makes the operation very convenient, the operating system interface is in English by default, and the local language can be customized.

  • The left side of the above picture is the exterior spray, and the right side is the stainless steel exterior, you can choose freely. The material spray drying chamber and the material receiving bottle are all made of glass, which can easily observe the entire spray drying process. And easy to clean, making later maintenance easier.

  • PLC automatic control system, the operation is very simple, and the operation interface is also simple and clear. This is TOPTION very popular small model spray dryer machine , which can be used in laboratories, households, and small businesses. The most popular applications are milk powder spray drying, egg powder spray drying, protein powder spray drying, instant coffee powder spray drying, orange juice powder spray drying, etc. The advantage is that the liquid to powder is completed within seconds, and the powder particles are uniform.

    The whole spray dryer machine is packed in a wooden box to ensure that you receive the product safely. If it is found to be damaged after unpacking, our company will bear all the costs and solve your problem within 7 hours to ensure that you can put the equipment into production as soon as possible.

    Hotsale types spray drying machine we have rich storage can support fast delivery within 3 days, DM info@toptionlab.com to get fast delivery and factory directly sale price now.


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