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Flower Freeze Dryer Case Show


  • The picture below is a display of the results of customers using TOPTION in-situ freeze dryer to freeze-dried flowers. It can be seen that the color and shape are no different from flowers. This is the biggest advantage of the freeze dryer . It can keep all the nutrients in the food or plant unchanged, the shape and color of the plant remain unchanged, and the original appearance of the food or plant can be restored after adding water, and the food or plant can have a longer life time storage capacity.  

  • As a manufacturer of drying equipment, TOPTION offers a wide range of freeze drying equipment , all through ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, reliable quality guarantee. Types include economical small household freeze dryers, laboratory-specific, production-specific, including for food industry and pharmaceutical industry, for all drying equipment we provide video installation and guidance, large-scale freeze drying equipment also supports on-site installation, commissioning and operation training services, and welcome to our factory to learn and visit, contact info@toptionlab.com now.



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