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TOPTION is ship, you are our water


  • Be thankful to everyone around us is our value, if TOPTION is ship, you are our water, because of you, this ship can float, because of you, this ship can sail on the sea, because of you, this ship can sail more farther. Thanks all customers' support and trust, TOPTION Christmas Carnival can be successfully finished at Dec-25, after delivery all customers' gifts and arrange all orders production well, finally we have time to celebrate our Christmas.

    Be thankful to everyone around us, we begin from finding the advantages of others. We sat down in a circle, one of us stand up, then we begin to talk about his/her advantages one by one, to discover the helps which other people give us but we ignored as our busy work or busy life.

    As we all known, team power is stronger than single person's power, we need other people assist at everywhere, your support encourage me keep moving forward, your trust give me power to challenge new things, your understand let me have confidence to move forward further, just as,  a glass of water you give me when I was thirsty can save my life.

    Everyone of us is ship, the others are our water, if ship don't have the help of water, then it couldn't float, so don't need to say how far it can sail. If we don't have your help and support, if we don't have the help and trust from everyone around us, we couldn't moving forward any more.

    TOPTION is one star ship who want to sail on vast sea, the you are our whole ocean, let's sail farther and farther on the sea together.


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