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  • As star lab solution provider, TOPTION value is sharing & win-win, customer success, be thankful, keep growing, innovation and responsible. Chinese new year is coming, TOPTION family celebrate together, wish our family, our dear customers, our friends, our partners, have an excellent 2016.
  • TOPTION headquarters is located in Xi'an, China, where own hundreds of universities and research institutes, and famous as its thousands of years long history culture. Big snow at yesterday, the outside is very cold and the road is slippery, but TOPTION family all members also insist running from TOPTION company to Bell Tower, total 10.1km.

  • From TOPTION INSTRUMENT CO.LTD to THE BELL TOWER, total 10.1Km, we use 85 minutes (1:25:33 hour) finish, everyone smile happy, at the last day, there was very big snow, cold wind and slippery road was our difficult position, but we challenge together and give power each other, we win.

  • The Bell tower, a classical building with carved and painted rafters, has been served as the symbol of Xi'an. In ancient times, the huge bell on this tower was use to strike the time every morning, now it's also an important historical monument in Shannxi Province. TOPTION headquarters is located in Xi'an, profound culture and strong scientific research strength, provide sustained and vigorous power for TOPTION development, so that make us could provide better products,solutions and service for you continuously.

  • The Drum tower was built in the 13th year of Hongwu (1380AD) of Ming Dynasty. It gained its name for huge drums laid in the tower to tell the time. The tower is a mixed structure of bricks and wood, occupies an area of 1840㎡ and is 34m high with the typical architectural style of Ming Dynasty. Now it is an important historical unit under the national government protection. This is the second tower TOPTION family play together.

  • We are a young, professional and creative team, sharing & win-win, customer success, be thankful, keep growing, innovation and responsible is our value. After playing together, we come back and everyone cook for each other, thanks our partner, friends, and family support us and give us power to move forward.

  • TOPTION is our family, we keep challenge, keep innovation, keep running forward together. All difficult position, we could win, we all strive to make our vision come ture: Become the world's most competitive lab solution provider .


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