Why choose low temperature centrifugal extraction?


  • In the cbd industry, most common extraction methods include low temperature centrifugal extraction and co2 supercritical extraction. Compared with high-priced supercritical extraction, centrifugal extraction is also very popular in the market,as its advantages as below


  • 1. Lower cost compared with CO2 supercritical extraction equipment.

    2. The obtained extractables are easy to handle and have few impurities. The extracted tea-like liquid quickly flows through the filter and goes directly to the feed tank of the evaporator.

    3. The whole cbd extraction process is extracted at low temperature without harming CBD.

    4. Alcohol can be recycled and reused, and the alcohol recovered by the evaporator (rising film evaporator, rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator) can be reused.

    5. The centrifugal extractor saves time and effort. Supercritical batch takes 2-3 hours, dewaxing takes 3 hours, and centrifugal extraction takes 30 minutes per batch, high efficient.

    6. Centrifugal extraction occupies much smaller area than supercritical extractors.

    Using centrifugal extraction, keeping low temperature is very important, so what is the main purpose of extraction at low temperature?

    1. By the way, remove miscellaneous. 

    2. Protect CBD molecules during the extraction process. 

    3. The ethanol extraction of CBD is more directional under low temperature conditions.

    4. Low temperature will reduce the volatility of the solvent, making it safer.

  • How to choose low temperature centrifugal extraction equipment ? How to match low temperature chillers for centrifugal extraction? More information welcome contact info@toptionlab.com  now.



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