What vacuum filter chemistry be used for?


  • TOPTION vacuum nutsche filters contains three materials, stainless steel, glass and ceramic. The picture below is a glass vacuum filter. It uses a sand core filter plate to match different pore size filter membranes according to your needs. The fine pore size of the sand core filter plate can almost allow entire filter membrane has liquid to pass through, so this glass vacuum filter has fast flow, pressure resistance, good sealing performance, and can obtain a larger effective filtration area and high filtration efficiency.


  • Vacuum filter is a very common and widely used laboratory filter. Customers generally choose to use a vacuum pump together to improve filtration efficiency. It can be used for liquid filtration in scientific research and chemical analysis, instrument analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry and agricultural machinery, automobiles, construction machinery, etc., to detect and remove particles and bacteria in the liquid. 


  • For example: Aseptic test, medium sterilization filtration, medium & small power internal combustion engine cleaning, jet fuel & hydraulic system solid particle pollutants, etc. gravimetric determination, such as with grille membrane, also suitable for hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, high-purity reagents And water quality and other counting methods.


  • As vacuum filtration equipment manufacturer with 15+ years research | development | production | sale | service experience, through ISO CE certification, all filters 1 year warranty period, lifetime wholehearted service, various lab filters customization & OEM, contact info@toptionlab.com  to ask factory directly sale price list now.



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