What is reactor in pharma?


  • What is reactor in pharma? TOPTION as a manufacturer of reactor equipment more than 16 years, how to choose a reactor equipment suitable for the pharmaceutical industry based on the selection experience of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry? Some notes for your reference.

  • 1. Explosion-proof system, because of the crystallization filtration reaction of the dispersant of the medicine, or the recovery of the mother liquor may require explosion-proof.

    2. Choose glass material, which can resist corrosion, rust and various solvents. Pay attention to the thickness of the glass and the quality of the glass, especially without air bubbles.

    3. When the stirring speed is high, the vortex effect will be caused. It is necessary to consider whether the charging ratio and the volume of the glass reaction kettle are suitable.

    4. The pharmaceutical industry sometimes involves crystallization, which will be relatively viscous, because there must be enough motor stirring power and the shape of the stirring blade is required.

    5. The opening and valve of the kettle cover must be sufficient.

    6. Whether the reaction temperature and operating vacuum, whether the condensation temperature is low enough, and whether the condensation area is sufficient. To match high and low temperature temperature control equipment ( heater and chiller) with sufficient temperature range, vacuum pump option.


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