Post-extraction processing equipment manufacturer in China


  • TOPTION as ISO CE UL verified Chinese manufacturer of post-extraction equipment , has spend more than 16 years major in the research, development, production, sale and service of cryogenic ethanol extraction,molecular distillation, rising film evaporator / falling film evaporator / wiped film evaporator / rotary evaporator,filtration equipment, decarboxylation equipment, crystallization reactor, glass reactor, drying oven, etc. 

    The following figure is a simple diagram of the equipment TOPTION can provide for the entire process. We support the customization of the whole process turnkey solution from biomass to pure cbd oil | 99.9% pure cbd crystals, and can also match the upstream and downstream equipment according to your current production equipment, and customize a single device, etc.

  • The service we can provide

    1. Facility layout and process design

    2. Solution configurations for phased growth

    3. All processing equipment, including chillers heaters and vacuum pump matched for quality and capacity.

    4. Documented Standard Operating Procedures

    5. Equipment installation and training of your labor force

    6. Manufacturing line commissioning

    7. GMP compliance support

    8. Ongoing service and support

  • If you have post-extraction processing equipment requirements or other laboratory equipment request, pls DM  to customize your unique and most suitable solutions at an affordable price point and see why TOPTION post-extraction processing equipment are a favorite in cbd industry!



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