How to improve short path molecular distiller separation efficiency?


  • Short path molecular distillation equipment is also named as wiped film distillation equipment, thin film distillation machine, which is widely used in CBD oil, essential oil, fish oil industry. What are the factors that affect the separation efficiency of short path molecular distillation equipment? In other words, if you want to improve the separation efficiency of wiped film molecular distillation apparatus, you can focus on the following aspects.


  • 1. Temperature: Choose a suitable evaporation temperature. Most customers will match the high and low temperature circulating bath for precise temperature control. This needs to match the temperature control of the corresponding heating and cooling capacity according to the processing capacity of your distillation equipment. The temperature control equipment is too large, the cost rises and will cause waste, the heater and chillers options are small, and the best effect cannot be achieved. So temperature is the primary concern.

    2. Pressure: When the distillation temperature reaches a value, the smaller the pressure, the lower the boiling point of the material, the greater the mean free path of molecules, the smaller the resistance of light molecules from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface, and the better the separation effect.

    3. The nature of the distilled substance: the greater the relative volatility, that is, the greater the vapor pressure ratio of the light and heavy components to be separated, the easier the separation between the two.

    4. Feeding speed: The flow rate of the material is too fast when feeding, and the separated components will flow to the bottom of the evaporation surface before they evaporate, and the separation effect will not be achieved. The material flow rate of the molecular distillation system is too slow, which affects the separation efficiency.

    5. Impurities in materials: Impurities in materials will affect the efficiency of molecular distillation and separation, and can be pretreated. 

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