How to find a reliable cbd extraction machine supplier


  • How to find a reliable cbd extraction machine supplier?Is it the manufacturer? How about the price and quality? How to solve after-sales problems? What should I do if the extractor distiller reactor will not be installed or used when received? When choosing a suitable cbd extraction | distillation | evaporation equipment supplier , you may consider a lot. The best way is to visit the factory in person, but this is cost-consuming & time-consuming and will also increase costs in disguise. So how do we choose a suitable supplier? Take TOPTION as an example, what can we offer you as a verified factory?

  • In 2004, a group of professional and powerful chemical engineers consisted of senior experts or professional engineers in chemical synthesis, chemical engineering and process, chemical machinery, etc. Most of them have more than 20 years of molecular distillation & purification equipment operating experience. 

    Therefore, TOPTION can provide you with the design customization and manufacturing of a whole production line, the customization of a single extraction | evaporation | distillation | reaction device , the upgrade of the existing production line, etc. Before cooperation, welcome to visit the factory by , and also welcome you to entrust a third-party certification company to TOPTION factory to help you inspect. Let us take a look now, what can you gain by cooperating with TOPTION?

    1)Technical support for new starter.   

    2)Professional customization, customize your exclusive laboratory / production line.

    - Reliable Quality & Max Safety

    From customers’ actual requirements research, design, manufacturing, to installation and service. Our expertise and experience in the products & solutions will ensure your success.

    - Integrated Solutions Satisfied Diversified Needs

    One requirement with multiple solutions available from powerful technical team, to meet any of your research and production.

    3)Professional team one to one service

    -Timeliness of communication, diversified channels, live viewing, video conferences, etc.

    -Online live show equipment debugging, online live show installation and operation training. overseas services are available, also welcome to TOPTION factory by


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