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  • TOPTION essential oil extraction equipment promotion sale, this is a very simple and easy-to-operate steam distillation essential oil extraction equipment, one person can easily complete the entire production, and factory direct sales with most competitive price, help you save costs greatly. Wide capacity range customization 50L/100L/200L/300L/500L/1000L/2000L/3000L.


  • 1. Please check that the bottom valve and discharge valve of the pressure lab reactor have been closed.

    2. Feeding is carried out according to the process requirements, and the principle of feeding order is "first add liquid, then add solid".  After adding the liquid material, start the stirring first, and then add the solid material. If the solid material has large pieces, it should be crushed before adding the material.

    3. When adding liquid materials in the chemical reactor , please first turn on the nitrogen to fill the kettle with nitrogen, then turn off the nitrogen and turn on the vacuum pumping. At the end of the pumping, turn on the nitrogen balance until there is no vacuum in the reaction kettle.

    4. Perform multiple nitrogen replacements according to process requirements. When replacing, first turn on the vacuum and evacuate to -0.06Mpa, turn off the vacuum, and then turn on the nitrogen to fill the kettle to 0.08Mpa. Repeat the operation until the number of replacements required by the process is reached.

    5. Connect an oxygen content analyzer to measure the oxygen content in the pressure reaction tank . Continue to replace with nitrogen until the oxygen content reaches the process requirements.

    6. Open the feeding port of lab reactor , turn on the nitrogen slightly (continuously and steadily bubbling at the speed of the connected bubbler), and quickly add the amount of catalyst required by the process.

    7. Close the feeding valve or use a special tool to close the feeding port cover tightly.

    8. According to the process requirements, hydrogen is introduced, and process conditions such as hydrogen pressure, reaction temperature, stirring speed and so on are controlled.

    9. During reactor running, please check the operation of the high pressure reactor in time, and adjust the reaction pressure and temperature appropriately according to the needs.

  • The above is what TOPTION shared about the operation steps of the high pressure reactor, wish could be helpful to you, and if you want to buy hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor, high pressure reactor , please contact  to ask price list, TOPTION provide customization, factory directly sale also could help you save cost.



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